Conservation Ontario’s Comments on “A Wetland Conservation Strategy for Ontario 2016-2030” (EBR# 012-7675)

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Uploaded: Mar 14 2017

Modified: Oct 20 2017

Description: Conservation Ontario’s submission to MNRF on “A Wetland Conservation Strategy for Ontario 2016-2030” (EBR# 012-7675). Conservation Ontario’s letter of comment identified three priority areas for improvement in the Strategy: 1) have one clear target to meet the mandate of “no net loss” of wetlands, 2) recognize Conservation Authorities as important partners in the implementation of this Strategy; including the regulatory role, and 3) be more specific about the purpose and goals of this Strategy. In particular, under 2), it was recommended that the “legislative/policy/guideline support and clarification for the Conservation Authorities Act (CAA)” be identified as a priority action in the Wetland Strategy.



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