Watershed Stewardship

The responsible care of our natural resources and wildlife on a watershed basis is essential to balancing human and economic needs against the needs of our natural environment. We all need a vibrant environment in order to ensure that we have plenty of clean water and a healthy ecosystem. As caretakers of our environment, we need to continue to devise approaches to plan, promote and implement stewardship practices that protect and restore natural resources.

Conservation Authorities have a long history in working with landowners, and all levels of government in the planning and delivery of watershed stewardship initiatives. Learn more about Watershed Stewardship Services at Conservation Authorities.

Here’s how Conservation Authorities support community:

  • Develop technical tools to monitor and assess the state of our watersheds
  • Provide advice and technical assistance
  • Promote community involvement
  • Build partnerships with all levels of government, environmental groups, businesses, residents and landowners
  • Create educational resources

Conservation Authority watershed stewardship programsprevent flooding and erosion, protect water quality, conserve water supplies, support Ontario farmers and farmlands, provide on-the-ground support for all levels of government and other agencies, protect the Great Lakes and help us to adapt to climate change impacts.

Stewardship Initiatives such as tree planting, habitat restoration, water quality improvement and green infrastructure engage landowners, communities and businesses in activities that protect and restore clean water and provide ecosystem goods and services that support clean air and safe, sustainable drinking water.