Dodging the Perfect Storm

Conservation Ontario’s 2013 business case for increased investments in Conservation Authority Flood Management Programs.

Conservation Authorities are important, cost efficient and experienced partners with many programs that help the province to prevent and reduce the impacts of flooding. These programs protect people and help to avoid costly infrastructure damages and business disruptions for Ontario residents, businesses and all levels of government. 

Aging infrastructure and under resourced flood management programs within Conservation Authorities are not keeping pace with the current and predicted escalation of extreme weather as a result of the growing impacts of climate change. This creates a perfect storm around flood management in Ontario.

Keeping up with the current level of damage costs of climate change is proving to be a significant challenge for all levels of government and this is expected to grow. 

In 2013, Conservation Ontario developed a business case for increased investment by the province into Conservation Authority flood management programs. Strategic investments are required in both the short and long-term, and can build off current successful approaches. Conservation Authorities have identified three priority areas that need to be addressed and these include: updating floodplain mapping, investing in under resourced flood management operations and addressing aging infrastructure.

The costs of doing nothing to address increased flood risk in Ontario today only creates the need for even greater investments down the road and puts Ontario residents and property at risk.

BUSINESS CASE:Dodging the Perfect Storm