Conservation Ontario 2022 Annual Report

Message from the General Manager

The Value of Conservation Authorities Continues

Seventy-five years ago, Ontario saw the impacts of early development on watercourses, wetlands, and forests. Disappearing forests and other land cover significantly increased flooding and erosion and threatened the province’s water quality, soils, and biodiversity. In response, the Province worked with local municipalities to introduce the Conservation Authorities Act, 1946 and established Conservation Authorities (CAs).

Since then, CAs have become highly efficient watershed managers forging close local connections with landowners, residents, and local governments. In doing so, they provide local partners with various valuable benefits. They also help other governments and non-government partners address broader environmental priorities and goals. rolex cellini replica

CAs are ‘boots on the ground’ agencies that reduce flood and erosion risk. We operate the dams, plant the trees and work directly with citizens to enhance biodiversity, such as forests and wetlands. We have studied Ontario’s watersheds for years, providing relevant technical advice to municipalities and other partners and keeping new development safe. CAs also offer natural areas and outdoor activities through more than 300 publicly accessible Conservation Areas across Ontario, contributing to residents’ physical and mental health.

Over 75 years, the value of CAs continues to grow. We will adapt to the shifting needs of all levels of government, particularly local municipalities and their residents.

We are the leaders of local watershed knowledge and experience, contributing significantly to Ontario’s resilience for the environment and its people. Now, more than ever, we cannot afford to underestimate this value.

Finally, thank you, Council, Board, and staff, for welcoming me to this role in September 2022. Our thanks to Kim Gavine for nine years of service as General Manager of Conservation Ontario and Bonnie Fox for doing an outstanding job as acting General Manager. In December, we celebrated Jane Lewington’s 21-year communications career accomplishments with Conservation Ontario and wished her well in retirement. The efforts of dedicated staff enrich our organization.

Angela Coleman
General Manager
Conservation Ontario

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