Conservation Ontario's 2018 Annual Report

Supporting Conservation Authorities' Frontline Workers

Creating efficiencies and streamlining approaches helps to meet the needs of clients, partners and others in a cost effective and timely manner. It’s just part of doing business in Ontario today.

Throughout 2018, Conservation Ontario supported our members to develop best management practices, templates and standards as part of the implementation of the new Conservation Authorities Act which was passed in December 2017.

As well, Conservation Ontario also supported many other business areas of Conservation Authorities including:

Supporting Effective & Efficient Delivery of CA Hazard Programs and Services

With a focus on consistency, professionalism and good customer service, Conservation Ontario provided training support for the frontline staff who are responsible for regulatory compliance

Sharing Information and Best Practices Around Flood Management

Conservation Ontario participated in two flood-related webinars, one targeted to the insurance sector and another to the federal government.

Working with Conservation Authorities, Conservation Ontario helped to host a Flood Modelling and Mapping Knowledge Transfer Workshop and  Flood Risk Management Workshop  for Conservation Authorities, municipal staff, other watershed practitioners and private sector

Protecting Ontario’s Drinking Water Sources

Received Provincial funding of $7.2 million for continued implementation of the Ontario Drinking Water Source Protection program; co-chaired a Road Salt Working Group with the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) and developed guidance for salt vulnerable areas

Developed a series of new fact sheets and primers, advertisements, video and social media infographics for CAs to use to promote protection of Ontario’s drinking water sources

Helping Conservation Authorities to Connect People with Nature and Local Watershed Information

Conservation Ontario’s 2018 Healthy Hikes and Mood Walks campaign was promoted by CO and the Conservation Authorities to well over 27,0000 Ontarians

33 Conservation Authority Watershed Report Cards were published providing user-friendly information on the state of Ontario’s watersheds

Building a Community of Conservation

With a focus on Indigenous communities and women in conservation, Conservation Ontario worked with Conservation Authorities and their partners to deliver a successful 2018 Latornell Conservation Symposium

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