Climate Change

Ontario's water and land resources are at risk from climate change.

Conservation Authorities have identified and are responding to local impacts, such as:

  • Threats to water quality and supply
  • Rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns reduce river flows and warm surface waters, create more drought conditions and more frequent severe weather
  • More extreme rainfall is being experienced leading to increased flood and erosion problems
  • Reduced wetlands
  • Degraded biodiversity

Conservation Authorities support development of Ontario’s Low Carbon Economy

Conservation Authorities are transitioning to a greener economy by supporting more renewable sources of energy, practicing water conservation, reducing emissions, planning and implementing climate change adaptation, and building increased resiliency in watersheds through watershed management programs.

This approach slows down our consumption of resources, reduces our waste and emissions, and is more cost efficient. In this way, we can adapt to continuously unpredictable conditions and live within the means of natural world.