Input to Provincial Strategies

Watershed management programs build resiliency in Ontario’s natural resources by protecting and improving water quality, ensuring sustainable water supplies, restoring and protecting biodiversity, and addressing low water issues.

Conservation Authority programs that help us identify and address climate change impacts include: 

  • Watershed planning
  • Watershed monitoring and reporting 
  • Agricultural and rural stewardship 
  • Stormwater management through low impact development and green infrastructure 
  • Flood management 
  • Natural heritage protection 
  • Planning and regulations

As well, many Conservation Authorities are on the forefront of climate change research, working with government and agency stakeholders including the Ontario Climate Advisory Committee, Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Climate Annex Binational Subcommittee and Ontario Climate Consortium.  Conservation Authorities are also working with local municipalities to develop and implement climate adaptation strategies.

Read Conservation Ontario's comments on the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Climate Change Discussion Paper.