Conservation Ontario(CO)’s comments on the proposed updates to provincial requirements for the location and management of dams under the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act (EBR # 012-0562)

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Uploaded: Mar 14 2017

Modified: Oct 20 2017

Description: CO provided comments on the MNR’s four new technical bulletins to implement the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act (LRIA). These bulletins establish construction and operation requirements for dams and requirements for location approval, operating plans, plan implementation and plan amendments. CO’s comments supported the overall direction in the guidance documents and offered feedback for enhancing them. In particular, CO was supportive of the proposal to allow third parties to request a review of operating and water management plans. However, CO stressed that it is important that recreational river uses do not compromise public safety and security of water supply for the river. CO also expressed concern about the elimination of the requirement for Standing Advisory Committees (SACs) and suggested that criteria be established to determine when SACS should be required.