Conservation Ontario’s Comments on the Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) Draft Responsible Aggregate Standards

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Uploaded: Mar 14 2017

Modified: Oct 20 2017

Description: Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC), is a non-profit organization that is developing a voluntary certification system for responsible pits and quarries in Ontario. CO submitted comments on the draft certification standards. CO was supportive in principle of the overall direction to aggregate operators provided by the proposed Standard. CO’s comments also identified a number of areas where the proposed Standards could be made more robust. In particular, the certification process should be more clearly linked to successful adherence to requirements, performance benchmarks and metrics. Further emphasis should be placed on requirements for existing operations and content of rehabilitation plans, consideration of cumulative impacts and the use of a landscape planning approach. It was also suggested that the proposed Standards indicate that Conservation Authorities may be engaged and consulted for their expertise where appropriate.