Policy Priorities

Conservation Ontario builds strategic partnerships, champions collective Conservation Authority issues and concerns, and pursues policy opportunities on behalf of Conservation Authorities.

Conservation Ontario identifies collective opportunities and concerns for Conservation Authorities, builds strategic relationships with key senior staff from all levels of government within those departments most relevant to Conservation Authority business. 

Conservation Ontario identifies and responds to government policy initiatives which impact Conservation Authority business and create opportunities to advance an integrated watershed management approach that can contribute to achieving outcomes that build social, economic and environmental resilience across Ontario’s watersheds.

Working with Conservation Authorities, Conservation Ontario develops a variety of policy positions and statements, backgrounders, reports, whitepapers and submissions that respond to initiatives and issues. 

Conservation Ontario also shares the science and work of Conservation Authorities around a number of important policy areas. fake Hublot

Work is underway in the following areas:

  • Review of the Conservation Authorities Act
  • Integrated Watershed Management
  • Climate Change
  • Flood Management
  • Science & Information
  • Great Lakes
  • Planning and Regulations
  • EcoHealth 
  • Green Economy