Environmental Education and Conservation Authorities

Today, more children live in cities – far away from our natural world. For many, a visit to a local nature centre, hosted by a school education program, is often their first experience with nature. Since today's students are tomorrow’s decision makers, it is essential that they understand our relationship with nature.

Conservation Authority Education Programs meet provincial curriculum standards and focus on environmental issues that are important today. Education programs also complement and enhance classroom learning by providing students with hands-on activities and experiences. Learn more about outdoor education by contacting your local Conservation Authority. Or by replica rolex submariner

DID YOU KNOW? Conservation Authorities operate 38 interpretive centres, 22 are permanent and the remainder seasonal. 


With pandemic conditions currently cancelling environmental education programs, many Conservation Authorities are offering free online educational materials and experiences for both children and adults. You can find these on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #StepIntoNatureAtHome or by visiting your local Conservation Authority’s website which you can find right HERE.

Water Festivals

Conservation Authorities provide non-formal learning programs for organized youth groups, environmental day camps, NGO environmental groups and specialized municipal education projects such as Children’s Water Festivals. Many water festivals are hosted on Conservation Authority properties.

These unique outdoor events teach children about the science of water and how to protect it for future use. These are the same children who will provide leadership in the future to help Ontario adapt to climate change, protect our drinking water sources and build healthy sustainable communities – all the more reason to let them experience and learn in green spaces where they will be more likely to remember not only the magic of being outdoors, but the lessons they have learned. Find a Children's Water Festival in your community!


Students remember:

10% of what they READ 
20% of what they HEAR
30% of what they SEE
90% of what they DO