Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Conservation Ontario is a non-profit association that represents Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities.

Conservation Authorities are community-based watershed management agencies, mandated by the Ontario government to ensure the conservation, restoration and responsible management of Ontario’s water, land and natural habitats through programs that balance human, environmental and economic needs. Learn more about the Conservation Authorities Act.

Our main business functions are:

  • Policy and Program Development
  • Business Development and Partnerships
  • Communications
  • Education and Training
  • Collective Corporate Services
  • Government Relations
  • Information Management and Research

Vision: Conservation Ontario will engage Conservation Authorities in matters of common interest and to shape effective policy relating to Conservation Authorities.

Mission: To promote and continually strengthen a watershed-based conservation coalition in Ontario.

Conservation Ontario is governed by a six-member Board of Directors and directed by a Council comprised of appointed and elected municipal officials from Conservation Authority Boards of Directors and Conservation Authorities staff.

Conservation Ontario is funded through levies provided by the Conservation Authorities and supplemented by project funding and contracts.

Please download a map of Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities.

Please visit Ontario’s Conservation Areas to plan your visit to any of Ontario’s nearly 300 Conservation Areas. You can also download a Conservation Areas Guidebook to help plan your visit.

Please visit the Healthy Hikes website to learn how you can stay healthy and active at Conservation Areas. If you would like to partner with us on Healthy Hikes, please contact Nekeisha Mohammed, Communications Officer.

Please visit the Latornell Conservation Symposium website to learn more and register for the event.

A watershed is an area of land that is drained by a river or stream and its tributaries to a body of water such as a lake or ocean. Conservation Authorities are the only agencies in Ontario structured on a watershed basis. 

Click the Find a Conservation Authority tab to view a map of Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities. Click on the area of the map where you live and your watershed will be highlighted.

In simple terms, watershed management means managing upstream activities and resources wisely so that downstream remains healthy. Watershed management addresses many diverse environmental issues using an integrated approach. For the protection of Ontario's natural resources and environmental health, watershed management today is: the process of managing human activities and natural resources in an area defined by watershed boundaries; aims to protect and manage natural resources for current and future generations; reflects the local environmental and social context; uses an integrated, interdisciplinary approach; uses a partnership approach involving conservation authorities, municipalities and other key stakeholders; includes consultation with and involvement of the public at every stage; and, uses an adaptive environmental management approach which reflects the need for continuous learning and improvement.

Please contact your local Conservation Authority for more information.

Please contact your local Conservation Authority to learn about volunteer opportunities and the different ways you can donate.

Please visit Careers to view the latest job opportunities.

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