This summer marks the 75th anniversary of the Conservation Authorities Act which governs Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities. Conservation Authorities are unique entities – they are organized on a watershed basis and use an integrated watershed management approach to protecting and restoring Ontario’s natural resources.

Using a watershed approach allows Ontario to best manage human and other activities which can impact the health of our many lakes, rivers, forests, wetlands, fish and wildlife, as well as important natural systems such as drinking water sources and groundwater recharging areas.

Climate change impacts such as severe weather, stressed biodiversity and challenges to water quality and quantity are more easily addressed and adapted to with healthy and resilient watersheds. Conservation Authorities’ expertise in watershed management and their commitment to leverage resources through widespread collaborations and partnerships is an important tool in the climate change tool box.

Did You Know These 10 Things About Conservation Authorities?

Conservation Authorities:

  1. deliver watershed management programs help us to adapt to the growing impacts of climate change
  2. facilitate partnerships and leverage resources for cost effective and collaborative program planning and delivery
  3. connect more than 8 million Ontarians per year to nature at 300 publicly accessible conservation areas located throughout the province
  4. build local science and expertise through watershed monitoring and reporting programs
  5. regulate activities in floodplains to protect people and property from flooding
  6. deliver watershed wide programs such as stewardship, green infrastructure and source protection to protect water quality and quantity
  7. educate more than 400,000 students through their environmental education programs which are aligned to Ontario curriculum
  8. protect forests, wetlands, groundwater recharge areas and sources of drinking water
  9. provide technical advice and expertise to all levels of government
  10. broker and delivery a wide range of watershed programs and projects which help all levels of government to meet their environmental objectives