2018 Memorandum of Co-operation establishes new relationship between the Province & Conservation Authorities

A new relationship between the Province of Ontario and the 36 Conservation Authorities took shape April 17, 2018 with the signing of an historic Memorandum of Co-operation.

The agreement, signed on April 17, 2018 by the Honourable Nathalie Des Rosiers, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Don MacIver, Chair of Conservation Ontario, formalizes the long-standing partnership between the Province and Conservation Authorities to protect Ontarians from natural hazards such as flooding, and to ensure the health of Ontario's natural resources.

The Memorandum of Co-operation is a follow up from the new Conservation Authorities Actpassed December 12, 2017. It reflects a commitment for the Province and Conservation Ontario (on behalf of Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities) to consult and collaborate with each other more closely for effective natural resource management.

Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities work in many different partnerships and collaborations with a variety of provincial ministries including MNRF, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Conservation Authority programs contribute to a wide variety of provincial priorities including: climate change adaptation and mitigation, Great Lakes, sustainable growth, flood and other hazards warning and protection, protection and restoration of natural heritage (biodiversity), outdoor recreation, health and tourism, outdoor and other environmental education curriculum, water quality and quantity, environmental monitoring, reporting and the 'green' economy (jobs and programs).

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