Annual Report

Conservation Ontario's 2017 Annual Report
Conservation Matters

Conservation of our natural resources is critical to protect watershed health, support a sustainable economy and ensure our own well-being. A cornerstone to this work was accomplished in 2017 and included the modernization of the Conservation Authorities Act (CA Act).

Two years of public and multi-sector consultation finally culminated in the passage of the CA Act on December 12, 2017. This important legislation facilitates:

  • Clarity in the roles and responsibilities associated with the conservation, restoration, development and management of Ontario’s natural resources,
  • Accountability to ensure Ontario’s resources are managed appropriately,
  • Sustainability in funding, and
  • A policy framework that enables the Province and Conservation Authorities to respond to current and emerging challenges.

Throughout 2017, Conservation Ontario worked with and supported Conservation Authorities and other partners, including government, on a number of policy fronts including: flood prevention, drinking water source protection, climate change and Great Lakes.

A big thank you to all our partners and especially the Conservation Authorities for helping us to achieve success in 2017.