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Watershed Stewardship

The responsible care of our natural resources and wildlife on a watershed basis is essential to balancing human and economic needs against the needs of our natural environment. We all need a vibrant environment in order to ensure that we have plenty of clean water and a healthy ecosystem. As caretakers of our environment, we need to continue to devise approaches to plan, promote and implement stewardship practices that protect and restore natural resources.

Conservation Authorities have a long history in working with landowners in the planning and delivery of watershed stewardship initiatives.

Conservation Authorities:

  • Develop technical tools to monitor and assess the state of our watersheds
  • Provide advice and technical assistance
  • Promote community involvement
  • Build partnerships with all levels of government, environmental groups, businesses, residents and landowners
  • Create educational resources

Conservation Authorities' Watershed Stewardship Programs

Protecting the Health of Ontario's Watersheds: Watershed Stewardship Services within Conservation Authorities (2014)
Conservation Authority Forestry Programs Protect the Health of Ontario's Watersheds and Help Us Adapt to Climate Change Impacts (2014)
Conservation Authorities: Healthy Forests for Healthy Watersheds (2014)
Celebrating Our Forests- Conservation Authorities and Forestry Programs E-Bulletin (2011)
Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program Outreach and Education Toolkit

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