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Science and Information

Making good decisions that promote greater resiliency in Ontario’s watersheds requires an understanding of the current state of our local natural environment.

This typically begins with collecting information, making assessments, then developing strategies to protect, restore, or maintain the health of our water and land resources.

Conservation Authorities play a key role in all these aspects:

  • Collect data
  • Analyze and report on data
  • Develop strategies and plans
  • Collaborate on projects and share information with agencies, individuals, and all levels of government
  • Conduct original research to develop innovative solutions

Find Your Own Watershed Science

*Watershed Characterization *Assessment Reports *Water Budgets *Watershed Maps

Conservation Authorities work with municipalities and the Province to deliver the Ontario Drinking Water Source Protection Program (ODWSP)

Conservation Authorities conduct research, assemble and analyze date, coordinate the development of plans and assist in implementation of local source water protection plans.

Conservation Authorities also assist in delivering the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program designed to address issues in local watersheds that impact drinking water sources.

Local information collected within this program is available online HERE