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Conservation Authorities deliver a variety of watershed management programs and services totaling more than $290 million annually through 3,000 full time and seasonal, part time staff. Conservation Authorities’ programs and services are science-based and delivered with professional staff including foresters, engineers, wildlife experts, ecologists, geologists, economists, agroscientists, planners and educators.

Conservation Authorities often deliver programs and services in partnership with local landowners, other environmental agencies and all levels of government.
There is a wide range of responsibilities that fall under Conservation Authorities.

These include:

  • Watershed strategies and management

  • Flooding and erosion protection

  • Water quality and quantity

  • Reforestation and sustainable woodlot management

  • Ecosystem regeneration

  • Environmental education and information programming

  • Land acquisition

  • Outdoor recreation

  • Soil conservation

  • Environmental land use planning

  • Habitat protection

  • Agricultural and rural landowner assistance

  • Sensitive wetlands, flood plains, valley lands protection