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Last Updated February 1st 2010


Baseflow monitoring storage, analysis and mapping application

Project Timelines:

  • Early Spring 2010 - Field training Course @ Ganaraska.
  • Late Spring 2010 - Field Training Video Available for Summer Student Training
  • June 2nd / June 3rd 2010- Presentation and Demo at CACIS (CA GIS conference in Sudbury) onData Entry, Analysis, and Mapping Application
  • June 28th 2010- Information Item (Project Update and Training Schedule) provided to Conservation Ontario Council
  • Fall 2010 - Data Entry, and ArcMap Analysis and Mapping Toolbar Training (Web Based)

Download the Low Flow Beta Application. 2.5Mb - Zip File (Access Beta 1-0)

Supporting Documents:

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XSD Files (Support files for use with LFlow Application)

L-Flow Application Downloads



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