This initiative is managed in partnership with:

• Conservation Ontario
• Ministry of Natural Resources
• Ministry of the Environment

Other project partners include:

• Ducks Unlimited
• Association of
Municipalities of Ontario
• Ministry of Municipal
Affairs and Housing
• Ontario Ministry of
Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


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Your Input! This site contains information on a number of watershed management projects being undertaken in Ontario. It includes projects that were either completed or are underway since 1990. This database needs to be updated regularly and we encourage managers of the watershed projects to visit and review information about your project. This site provides details on how you can update it to reflect your current status.

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Inventory of Watershed Management Projects



What is included in this inventory?

This site contains a database of a number of watershed management projects in Ontario being carried out by Conservation Authorities, municipalities and others. This includes watershed and subwatershed studies, plans and projects of varying size. This watershed management inventory contains information gathered from watershed management practitioners.

A watershed is defined as an entire area, both water and land, that is drained by a watercourse and its tributaries. A subwatershed is an area drained by an individual tributary to the main watercourse.

Where is my watershed?

If there is a project located in your watershed, you may find it using our map.

What are watershed management projects?

Watershed management is a process of managing human activities within our watersheds in order to protect and rehabilitate land and water resources while recognizing the benefits of orderly growth and development.

Watershed management is a process that includes the following steps:

  1. Gathering data about our natural resources and their uses
  2. Analyzing this data,
  3. Using the data to design watershed management projects that will protect and promote sustainability of our resources
  4. Monitoring these plans and projects
  5. Update the projects based on new data that is continually being generated.

Watershed management will continue to evolve as our experience with the projects increases and as more information becomes available, study methodology improves and as study issues are better defined.

We invite you to use this information

The inventory can be used by community participants and by watershed practitioners to:

• Identify the extent of watershed management in Ontario
• Learn from ongoing and completed watershed studies
• Provide data that can be used to develop additional
• Knowledge and insights into watershed management activities.