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Flooding in Ontario is escalating and it is a challenge for Ontario's flood management system to cope with changes in flooding.


Climate change, urbanization, and aging urban infrastructure have diminished the capacity of watersheds to cope with increased storm runoff, exposing growing populations to increased flood risk.


Research shows us that storms in Ontario have become more frequent and powerful. From 2000 to 2005, Ontario experienced ten severe storms that exceeded intensities that are normally expected less than once every 100 years. These storms caused over $360 million in damages.


In a recently released report, Protecting People & Property: A Business Case for Flood Prevention & Control, Conservation Ontario outlines critical areas that need to be addressed including:

         Flood plain maps

         Aging flood control infrastructure

         Technical capacity - computer models

         Ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement

         Monitoring, regulation & facility operations

         Climate Change studies
























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