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Partnerships Are Important

Community involvement and partnerships are fundamental to implementing a consistently successful watershed management strategy. Watershed boundaries transcend political jurisdictions and the Authorities' work in conservation and stewardship of renewable natural resources require an understanding of political as well as ecosystem management complexities. Youth groups like Scouts and Guides and lately, volunteers and local organizations are supporting Conservation Authorities' work. What's more, corporations and businesses are recognizing and supporting Conservation Authorities individually and collectively under the Conservation Ontario banner.

Using a Watershed-Based Approach

Conservation Ontario is the signal of the shift to a new, more entrepreneurial way of conducting environmental business and it focuses on excellence in managing and delivering watershed-based ecosystem resources and services. By creating awareness of the importance of healthy watersheds, building more and stronger relationships and expanding services and facilities, Conservation Ontario and its network will generate the revenue today to fulfill the promise to continue the legacy beyond tomorrow.

A watershed is a natural unit of land defined by the area that drains into a river and its tributaries.