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Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities deliver a wide range of conservation programs and services that protect important water and land natural resources.

Conservation matters because we rely on these resources for healthy watersheds that can help us to adapt to climate change, to support a sustainable economy and for our own well-being.

We need your help!

The Conservation Authorities Act that establishes and guides Conservation Authorities is under review. You can tell the Province that Conservation Matters and that the work of Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities is important. They want to hear from you.


Connect with us on social media! Show your support on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #ConservationMatters.

For more information contact: Kim Gavine, General Manager, Conservation Ontario

Learn about and support your Conservation Authority

cas and nature

Conservation Areas are natural areas that protect important ecological features and functions as well as provide a chance for you Step Into Nature or participate in Healthy Hikes.

climate change

Climate Change is creating stronger and more frequent flooding in Ontario. Conservation Authorities work with municipalities and other levels of government to prevent or reduce flooding which can result in costly property damages, a disruption of business, and threats to public safety. Check out how Conservation Authorities do this by looking at our infographics.

healthy watersheds

Almost everyone in Ontario lives in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River Watershed. We need the Great Lakes for drinking water, to power industry and just for fun – for swimming and fishing. Conservation Authority programs Upstream help to protect Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River conditions Downstream! Learn about the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River through our interactive map.

kids and nature

Kids Love Nature and Conservation Authority Education Programs help approximately 400,000 Ontario kids to learn about nature every year. Water festivals are one of the great tools they use.

drinking water

One of the most important jobs for Conservation Authorities is to Protect Sources of Drinking Water. We get our drinking water from different places – the Great Lakes, other lakes and rivers, and groundwater. You can learn more about drinking water sources and how we protect them. Do you want to find your source protection plan?